Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Talk about listless.  I'm in that spinning my wheels mode where I feel like I can get nothing done, which leads me to not wanting to do do anything at all.  It's time to mediatate on my little poster at work:

When I'm at work, all I can think about are projects I want to be working on at home.  But by the time I get home, do supper, dishes, other little chores, I'm absolutely ready to curl up with Dave and just be together and cozy some.  And that is more important than decluttering, I know, but I feel like I can't start a new project until I declutter and get organized.  And January is practically over already!

So my experiment for today is this:  Work like crazy at work so I don't have things hanging over my head and see how I feel tonight.  I've already planned to just make soup for supper, so that should not be too labor intensive.  If I can get myself out the door at work at 4:00 maybe I can have a speed cleaning session before starting supper.

Huh.  #LittleHouse2015 was supposed to be about calm simplicity.  This isn't quite what I had intended.

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