Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I've been on a decluttering kick since late fall, and it's really jumped into high gear with all the hype over the KonMari method.  I read the book and loved it, and it's changed my approach in any number of ways.  But I'm still struggling with the fear that I'm going to get rid of something that I'll regret.  Of course, I've had no serious regrets so far.  Yes, sometimes I wish I had kept a little wool for spinning when I get the urge, but I also realize that spinning is more of a whim than a true desire.

One of the questions that always makes the rounds is "If I were moving, would I pack this and take this with me?"  I struggle with this.  For instance, I have a box of gift bags and boxes.  If we were moving, I'd probably pitch all of them.  But for now, they're neatly contained, out of the way yet accessible, and are being used.

Strategy is another issue.  I feel like right now my things are too many and too scattered to be able to gather each "category" of item and sort through at one time.  So I've been doing rooms and regions, thinning stuff out and aiming for a complete gather-assess-purge in the future.  Perhaps this is adding another step to the process, but it also makes it easier to deal with decision fatigue.  Things that made the first cut may not make the second when I have less to deal with and am able to weigh it against other keepers.  What I need to start doing is making a list of what I have where, so I don't forget about this box or that cubby when I do round two.  I also need to plan where I will be keeping things, because having items scattered about does mean I have unnecessary duplicates. (Not going to talk about the two sets of 6 yards of blue linen that is completely not my color!)

I did do my planned 45 minutes after work yesterday. While it was mostly tidying and organizing, I did pare things down a bit.  I want to do more!

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