Monday, January 5, 2015

I really debated doing this.  Does the internet need to house another little blog about a journey toward simplicity, decluttering, experiments in cooking and gardening, home repair, etc?    Won't I just abandon this project the way I've let so many other things drift to the side?  Maybe so.  But what inspired this is different from past attempts.  In the past, I wanted to prove something.  I wanted to do a project and have people read it and admire my progress.  This time, no so much.

I've been reading so many people's 2014 year in reviews, and tried to do one for myself.  And....I could remember very little.  Oh, there were definite highlights.  Starting to fish. Joining a decluttering group on Facebook.  Reading Marie Kondo.  Procrastinating yet again on some major house updates.  But really, most of those things happened in the past few months.  Spring, last winter...all a blank (except for the frigid temps.  But that's something I don't want to remember.)

So this will be more of a journal, a collection of things to remember.  Maybe I should do it on paper.  Maybe I will move to paper.  Who knows.  All I can say is that I'm trying to keep track, to be more mindful, and will hopefully find the best way for me to do that.

Oh, the title.  While I was contemplating a word or phrase for 2015, I went through several, but none seemed to encompass what I was going for.  Simplicity?  Yes, but some of my major goals are house projects that aren't really in line with simplicity per se.  #LetItGo?  Great for decluttering, but after reading Marie Kondo I'm more focused on keeping only what I love versus forcing myself to get rid of things.  Plus I'm not reusing my sister's tag from last year!  So I thought, what really inspired me the most recently?  The answer: Reading the Little House books.  The feelings in the book are  what I want to strive towards.

A little home that is warm and cozy and filled with only the things I love.
Summer days spent outdoors.
Attention to the seasons.
Real and nourishing food.
A sense of contentment.


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